Product Support Resources

If you are an Australian healthcare practitioner, here are some basic product support resources you can download. If you would like more detailed information on our products or how to administer octagam® 10%, including information resources to support hospital infusion policies and nurse training materials, please use the CONTACT US form to request specific resources […]

What we do in Australia

Aerial drone panoramic image of ocean waves on a Kings beach, Ca

About Octapharma Australia: Octapharma Australia was established in 2004 as a locally managed subsidiary of Octapharma AG to serve and support the growing need for plasma derived blood products such as immunoglobulins for Australian patients. This was possible following the creation and signing of the National blood agreement and establishment of the National Blood Authority […]

Our locations

Octapharma has grown to become a global company that provides life-enhancing treatment to patients in 118 countries.

Who we are

We are a family-owned global pharmaceutical company with a passion for finding new solutions that improve people’s health and lives.

Diseases & treatments

We develop and manufacture medicines for patients in three treatment areas: haematology, immunoglobulin (IgG) immunotherapy and intensive care.

Are you a Health Care Practitioner (HCP)?

Are you a Health Care Practitioner (HCP)?

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