Intensive care

These medicines prevent shock and stabilize blood volume and coagulation function in patients undergoing intensive care and emergency care.

What is intensive care?

Intensive care is the field of medicine that includes the diagnosis and treatment of life-threatening conditions, which require comprehensive and advanced life-saving measures and continuous monitoring.


Intravascular diseases in patients undergoing intensive care

Coagulopathy (blood clotting disease) is a potential problem that carries the risk of bleeding in many seriously ill patients. Hemostatic and inflammatory processes are often activated in the body in response to injury or disease. If the condition is severe or long-lasting, it can be life-threatening.

Major bleeding is a serious complication that often occurs during complicated procedures or serious injuries. It can be a challenge for healthcare professionals to detect and deal with the problem.

Plasma transfusion or coagulation factor concentrate administration are important measures to restore the missing factors that are important to stop ongoing bleeding effectively.

Hypovolemia, insufficient intravascular volume, is also common in severely ill patients. The condition occurs when blood vessels have been damaged due to disease or injury or trauma, and leads to bleeding or leakage of fluid from the circulatory system. In patients with distributive or hypovolemic shock, volume therapy is given to restore intravascular volume and maintain perfusion in the tissues.

Are you a Health Care Practitioner (HCP)?

Are you a Health Care Practitioner (HCP)?

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